Join now Sports Specific Training in Gurgaon with Certified Personal Trainer

MP Fitness Solution is now offering Custom Performance Training so that athletes can get best and professional training for their sport year round which consists of a Full Evaluation, Personalized Program which is designed specifically around each athlete’s needs, goals, sports, position, and injury history), and coaching by our certified Personal Trainer Sohna Road Gurgaon



If you are looking for sport training and tailored training program needs to imitate that sport. Get here complete custom Performance Training Program which takes into consideration the specific movements, muscle groups, and injuries linked with that sport to design the best training program possible to get ready each athlete for their upcoming season and any of the different desired goals


Our Sports Training in Gurgaon will offer a supreme experience for all of our candidates where our main aim is to prepare all candidates for sports programs and target and also provide a good chance to develop and sharp their skills which makes them harder and make them faster, stronger and more agile than they ever thought likely.


Also the complete emphasizes is provide on injury prevention also along with maximizing the performance through a variety of exercises and all of these programs helps in reducing risk of common injuries in athletes such as

  • Agility / Speed / Polymeric Training
  • Biomechanical psychoanalysis & Training
  • Jumping
  • Throwing
  • Running

Athletes who work out with a certified personal trainer in Gurgaon get positive and good results! Use the knowledge and motivation of our professionals to achieve utmost gains and get better your speed, agility, balance and power. All of the training sessions are bendable, customized and focus on exclusive fitness goals.


Fitness Assessment & Needs Analysis

The main principles behind designing sports specific training programs are similar to the methods used for maintaining overall fitness.

Step 1 Set the athlete’s or team’s goals as find and decide clearly- what do they want to attain.

Step 2 Evaluate current their level of fitness which mainly cover all of the relevant fitness areas specific to their sport or event.

Step 3 Gap investigations which is basically calculating the difference for each and every fitness component between the current and ideal fitness levels.

Step 4 Planning and designing the training program that will develop each respective fitness area to the necessary level.


If looking for Sports Specific Training in Gurgaon contact now Fitness trainer at MP Fitness Solution who are talented enough for planning and making workouts which will smartly cover all of the important and applicable fitness areas mainly as force, flexibility, agility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance and speed.


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