So Finally You Want to Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon

So now you have decided that you would like to join up with professional personal fitness trainer and that’s a very good decision. You can look ahead to to achieve faster results, become well-organized in your workouts and reduce the option of falling with injuries in your life. But before you plans to start your schedule with Fitness Trainer Sohna Road Gurgaon then it is require doing a complete analysis of your current fitness levels which will help your trainers tailor make an intelligent and tailored fitness program to get you into the shape of your dreams.


Let us look at some of the factors that we will need to check.

Your Complete Fitness History

At first meeting with your fitness consultant for the first time, you have to fill up a form that will contain questions about your past health’s details and you have to fill all according to your current health. Keeping in consideration your present workout routines if any, we will also be able to measure your risk of developing cardiovascular related ailments as wells as any physical limitations or medical conditions that may be suffered by you.

Heart Rate

Heart rate or pulse rate, this is the number of times that your heart beats per minute. A healthy and active person who works out or takes part in athletic or sporting activities must have a low resting heart rate. So it is properly checked and analyzed for predicting your status.

Blood Pressure

Simply blood pressure is that how clean and open your blood vessels are. A low BP count depicts that your heart does not have to work toughly to pump blood through your blood vessels in the body. The idea Blood pressure is 115 / 75 or below. High blood pressure is considered if reading is 140 / 90 and in that case you can contact doctor immediately.


Cardiovascular Strength

Main purpose of examining cardiovascular fitness levels is to target current level of fitness and measure its progress as your fitness levels get better so that you remain motivated. Also many cardiovascular tests that can be done to complete analyze. Personal fitness trainer in Gurgaon will be best placed to design a result orienting cardio fitness test for you.

Body Composition

A body composition investigation helps in painting an apparent picture of body’s overall fat-muscle ratio by finding body weight fat. Over time, if body fat levels decrease, you can be sure that your hard work is paying positive dividends!



We will decide about your strength because fitness levels must be improved thereby increasing your motivation. Our personal trainers at Mp Fitness Solution will work with you to record and teach accurate exercise method to arrive at your first strength evaluation.

It is good to contact experienced trainers in the fitness industry which are expertise in handlingin-house fitness and counseling for reputed gyms and fitness studios contact now Personal Trainer DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon at MP Fitness Solution for getting completely customized fitness training plans and program with complete motivating schedule.


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