Join now Sports Specific Training in Gurgaon with Certified Personal Trainer

MP Fitness Solution is now offering Custom Performance Training so that athletes can get best and professional training for their sport year round which consists of a Full Evaluation, Personalized Program which is designed specifically around each athlete’s needs, goals, sports, position, and injury history), and coaching by our certified Personal Trainer Sohna Road Gurgaon



If you are looking for sport training and tailored training program needs to imitate that sport. Get here complete custom Performance Training Program which takes into consideration the specific movements, muscle groups, and injuries linked with that sport to design the best training program possible to get ready each athlete for their upcoming season and any of the different desired goals


Our Sports Training in Gurgaon will offer a supreme experience for all of our candidates where our main aim is to prepare all candidates for sports programs and target and also provide a good chance to develop and sharp their skills which makes them harder and make them faster, stronger and more agile than they ever thought likely.


Also the complete emphasizes is provide on injury prevention also along with maximizing the performance through a variety of exercises and all of these programs helps in reducing risk of common injuries in athletes such as

  • Agility / Speed / Polymeric Training
  • Biomechanical psychoanalysis & Training
  • Jumping
  • Throwing
  • Running

Athletes who work out with a certified personal trainer in Gurgaon get positive and good results! Use the knowledge and motivation of our professionals to achieve utmost gains and get better your speed, agility, balance and power. All of the training sessions are bendable, customized and focus on exclusive fitness goals.


Fitness Assessment & Needs Analysis

The main principles behind designing sports specific training programs are similar to the methods used for maintaining overall fitness.

Step 1 Set the athlete’s or team’s goals as find and decide clearly- what do they want to attain.

Step 2 Evaluate current their level of fitness which mainly cover all of the relevant fitness areas specific to their sport or event.

Step 3 Gap investigations which is basically calculating the difference for each and every fitness component between the current and ideal fitness levels.

Step 4 Planning and designing the training program that will develop each respective fitness area to the necessary level.


If looking for Sports Specific Training in Gurgaon contact now Fitness trainer at MP Fitness Solution who are talented enough for planning and making workouts which will smartly cover all of the important and applicable fitness areas mainly as force, flexibility, agility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance and speed.


Join Beginners Pilates Classes with Best Fitness Trainer in DLF Phase 1, 2 Gurgaon

Are you thinking about how Pilates helps in losing weight? What precisely is Pilates? And what are the health profits of Pilate’s workouts? Fitness Trainer DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon gives details about how to begin with Pilates and work out what moves are best for you.

You might have heard of Pilates and What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of exercise that centered on using both the mind and body to attain most favorable presentation.  The deep stabilizing muscles of the body are properly habituated and strengthened using regular series of movements with proper use of gravity, body weight and specially designed equipment as forms of resistance.  In Pilates it is very important to maintain a proper connection between the mind and body so as to uphold a steady level of awareness of the way the body moves which hence results in a greater control of motion and vastly better technique.


Check out here Benefits of Pilates by expertise fitness trainer on Sohna and Golf  Course Road Gurgaon

Entire Body Workout

Pilates works out on the body in a functional and proper way which ideally uses muscles in synergy with each other in which the whole body is designed and stretched according to movement sequences performed can prepare you for the physical challenges of everyday life.


Core Stability & Postural Alignment

Poor posture finally results in many of the problems such back aches and pains which greatly affect the whole body functioning  So Pilates classes in Gurgaon is absolutely for you which tells about how to deliberately continue optimum anatomical alignment in all positions and during movement.  By coordinating the body as a whole, we are stronger, thus plummeting the chances of injury caused by overuse of one area.

Muscle Tone and Strength

Pilates is an unbelievable way to carve all body muscles so getting best results you should do more than 3 sessions per week also to reduce your body fat percentage.


Improved Body Awareness

Pilates work outs are designed to improve balance and coordination by teaching a greater connection between the mind and body.  Many of the older clients that I have trained have forgotten how to use various muscles and their reaction times are slow.  This is often very frustrating for them and it comes as a surprise.  Pilates is an ideal way to get back in touch with your own body so that you can use it to its full potential.

Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates is used to revitalize injured soldiers which now has gained public credit as a method of rebuilding potency and function following injuries which is an supreme form of physical therapy. For proper consultation by experts contact now Fitness Trainer DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon at MP Fitness Solution

Reasons to Join Corporate and Group Fitness Classes in Gurgaon at MP Fitness Solution

Group exercise classes are very much more than the loud music, speedy movements and shouts of encouragement those are normally can be seen out and heard in a fitness room which greatly support and provides social insertion opportunities, more physical benefits and psychosomatic support. As one can never be bored these type of exercise choices which are basically offered in group settings such as energetic kickboxing and effective aerobics to boot camps and indoor cycling, your personal fitness trainer will challenge and get better your body. So if you’ve never stepped foot in a Group Fitness Classes in Gurgaon then surely, you’re missing out something very important

Not only of the fact that all of the group classes are very energetic and motivating, but they’re also very effective. So sign up for a class now which can shake up a repetitive workout routine and help you build different muscle groups. Moreover certified fitness trainer in Gurgaon deals in providing good personalized coaching to improve your overall fitness health.


Group exercise offers a diversity of benefits such as great exposure to a social and fun environment, a safe and successfully designed workout, a dependable exercise schedule, an accountability factor for participating in exercise etc , so check here few of them :

Social Opportunities

While joining a group fitness class you can gets you catch out people in your community and one is likely to have much more fun exercising in a group as compared to working ourselves. Fitness classes are a superb place to meet up the people who are having comparable lifestyle goals and needs..



Participating in group fitness class you can get challenges to work out further than your perceived limitations and instructor observes clearly all body signs of exhaustion and pushes you to your limits. As one is likely to work out harder, as everybody is exercising toward the same goal, than you would on your own. A group fitness instructor tells clearly about advantages of all exercise, which amplify all of the possible reasons to complete the workout and build your interest for returning to class.

Physical Benefits

Group exercise classes are obtainable in a different diversity of workout styles. If one is having some specific goals mainly such as cardiovascular improvement, weight loss, diabetes control etc. So always choose weight training, calisthenics or boot camp classes if looking to have better muscular staying power and power. If flexibility is your main goal then in that case yoga class is a pleasant option.



A group exercise keeps you complete accountable for regularly attending the class so boost your level of motivation with group exercise classes by best personal trainer in Gurgaon as they are very interesting and you do not feel bore at any time. Group exercise classes along with providing physical benefits also provide a great source of interacting with other participants

Variety and Fun

With same old routine over and over you can feel dull and commonplace after a while. But also Corporate Fitness in Gurgaon tend to highlight on providing more variety which deals in, providing an always-fresh level of fun while still getting you in shape.

Consult Personal Fitness Trainer on Sohna Road Gurgaon for Staying All Time Fit and Active

If you are suffering from high blood pressure there is no need to getting worried about taking medication and precautions to bring your Blood Pressure down. As it is well known that lifestyle plays a significant role in treating your high blood pressure. If you really want to control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle and wants to avoid the usage and intake of medication contact now Fitness Trainer Sohna Road Gurgaon.

Some tips and security measures are described here changes you can make to lower your blood pressure and keep it down.


Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline: Blood pressure often increases when weight increases so being overweight also can cause upset breathing while sleeping which additional elevate your blood pressure. Weight loss is one of the most effectual lifestyle modifications to control blood pressure. Lose of just 4.5 kilograms helps a lot in reducing blood pressure. Along with this also keep a regular eye on waistline as with more weight around your waist is at risk of high blood pressure.

Regular physical activity — Exercise at least 30 minutes most days of the week can greatly lowers down blood pressure and if do not regular maintain this then blood pressure will rise again. The top exercises for lowering blood pressure consist of walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and moreover dancing.


Aerobic activity is also a useful method for monitoring and controlling high blood pressure. However suppleness and spiraling exercises mainly as lifting weights are also important parts of an overall fitness preparation. Only addition of reasonable and countable physical activities to your daily routine will help and for this yon can also consult and take professional guidance from Personal Fitness Trainer near Sohna Road Gurgaon.

Take proper and absolutely healthy diet: Always take which is full of grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products

Reduce sodium in diet

It is advised to take small amount of sodium in your diet and which effectively can reduce blood pressure by 2 to 8 mm Hg.

Avoid to take Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for your health and drinking more than reasonable amounts of alcohol can actually raise blood pressure by several points.

Making exercise a regular habit can assist lower your blood pressures which additionally provide you more energy, and it’s a great way to easiness stress and feels better.

Also consult with your doctor first and then they’ll tell that you’re ready for exercise or not. Since an active lifestyle is excellent for to stay fit. You can do any type of physical activity you like with best Personal Trainer on Sohna Road Gurgaon at MP Fitness Solution

Check Out Here Best Exercises for People with Diabetes with Personal Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon

As usual Aerobic activity can lower your need for insulin at a great level

If you are suffering from diabetes, exercise offers surprising benefits also it lowers your stress level along with blood sugar level. But you might think how much and which exercise is accurate for you? For people with diabetes aerobic exercise is primarily recommended each week. So one can also contact Personal Trainer DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon for proper customized schedule. Exercise is very vital for people with diabetes and there are many form of exercises are there which provides good result in overall health improvement that will benefit people with diabetes.


  • Walking — Because anyone can do it almost anywhere, walking is the most popular exercise and one we highly recommend for people with diabetes. Approx Thirty minutes to one hour is a grand, simple way for increasing physical activity.
  • Yoga — It is a conventional form of exercise which consists of fluid movements that helps in improving flexibility, power and balance. It is also very helpful for people who are suffering from various types of chronic conditions and diabetes also. With yoga stresses is lower down to a great level and get better nerve function, which leads to an amplified state of mental health and wellness which in turn improve blood glucose levels due to better muscle mass.
  • Dancing —Dancing is also a good option as mental work to remember dance steps and sequences in reality increase brain power and improves memory power also. It is one of the funny and exhilarating methods for improving physical activity, helps in great weight loss, improving litheness, lower blood sugar and decrease stress and many more health benefits.
  • Swimming — It support in proper and good stretching and relaxes body muscles and do not put up great pressure on joints, which is boon for diabetes patients which get better cholesterol levels, burns calories and lowers stress levels. So for good results it is suggested to do at least three times a week.

Remember Always Exercise Safely

Before starting and planning an exercise program, it is recommended to consult your doctor and always remember to start at slow speed.


Follow few important safety tips such as:

  • Verify current blood sugar before and after exercise until you are aware of how your body responds to exercise.
  • For either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, make sure your blood sugar is less than 250 mg/dl before exercising.
  • Take a proper five-minute warm-up before and a five-minute cool down after finishing exercise.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water before, during and after exercise for preventing dehydration.
  • Always wear a medical alert ID band
  • Hold a cell phone.
  • Do not exercise in tremendously hot or cold temperatures.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and socks for feet protection according to best Fitness Trainer DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon
  • Main thing is that always Listen to your body as if any unusual problems you experience immediately call your doctor.

What’s the Reason Behind to Hire Personal Fitness Trainer DLF Phase 1 and 2 Gurgaon?

People generally hire personal trainers to help them to achieve their individual health and fitness goals. A personal fitness trainer will provide a customized program to meet your goals and personal health needs, teach you the best method to exercise and motivate yourself. So contact now Personal Fitness Trainer in DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon at MP Fitness Solution now


The ideal place to begin looking for a personal trainer may consist of local gyms, health centers or may be fitness centers. When you’re at the gym, watch trainers with their clients and see how they interact. Make a note of trainers who get along with their clients and seem fully involved in their workouts. Ask friends and workmates for word of mouth recommendations or check Fitness Australia’s website for a fitness provider in your area.

It is suggested to take your full time before making final decision and also make sure that your personal trainer is properly registered and qualified before entering into any agreement. Also cross check their professional credentials and experience so them to rate their personality and communication high on your list of priorities as well.

Role of a personal trainer

A personal trainer must have applicable qualifications and be registered with a recognized industry and  their main work is to work with your health , discussing goals, assess current fitness level, design a complete customized program for you and help keep you motivated.


A personal trainer can:

  • To guide you to exercise safely and professionally
  • Full motivate your
  • Use of latest and advanced techniques
  • Regularly monitor your progress
  • adjust customized program according to progress report according to changing fitness level
  • Provide daily general advice about taking good nutrition and healthy diet
  • Provides various exercise options to keep you motivated, interested and enjoying your workouts
  • Help you to handle some exercise on your own.

Choosing a personal trainer

  • How much does it total cost to hire their services
  • Availability of payment options are available
  • Do they provide a special discount for larger training packages?
  • What about extra services and cancellation fees?
  • If they offer a discounted trial period before you finalize?
  • Feel full comfortable training with hired personal trainer.
  • Are they presented at the exacting times and days when you’re free to exercise?
  • What different range of physical activity options do they offer? Would you be working out in a gym, at home or outdoors?
  • Personal Fitness Trainer in DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon how do they made custom exercise programs for clients?

How to Start Exercising to make It Enjoyable Part of Your Everyday Life with MP Fitness Solution

Making Exercise a pleasurable part of your daily Life. We all know that there are many great and good reasons to exercise—from improving and enhancing energy, mood, sleep, and health to reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. So complete professional exercise instructions and workout plans are just a click away with Personal Trainer DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon at MP Fitness Solution.

It is important for making exercise a habit takes more the only thing you need is right mindset and a smart approach. Whatever your age or fitness level—even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life before—there are steps you can take to make exercise less intimidating and painful and more fun and natural.


What you can do

  • Recognize deeply what’s stopping you from exercising and daily workout
  • Identify how much exercise actually need to improve your overall health condition
  • Make a decision which activities are correct and result orienting
  • Map to start small and reward yourself
  • Fins how to make your physical activity more pleasant
  • Find methods for adding movement into daily life routine

If you’re having problem to start and follow an exercise plan or following through, you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult in getting out of the sedentary rut, in spite of our best intentions.

For all busy schedule or poor health makes exercise a more challenging which may be due to lack of self-confidence that keeps you from taking positive steps, or your inspiration quickly flames out, or you get easily disheartened and give up.

How to break through mental barriers

Trench the all-or-nothing attitude. One does not have to spend hours in a gym or indulge into painful activities you hate to practice the physical and emotional benefits of exercise. A small amount of exercise is better than nothing. So always start with modest amounts of physical activity to daily routine can which surely will have a profound effect on both mental and emotional health.

Be kind to yourself. It is advised that don’t beat you up about body, current fitness level that all will demotivate you. So contact now Personal Fitness Trainer DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon


Check Self Expectations. No one get perfect shape overnight, and I will not going to instantly transform body because expecting too much, too soon only leads to immediate frustration.

Safety tips for Beginners:

Do not worry if you’ve never exercised before and attempted any tiring physical activity so always keep some health precautions in mind:

Health issues: Get medical checkup first as if you are having health concerns such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure, consult your doctor first before start to exercise.


Warm up. Warm up with dynamic stretches that active movement that warm and flex the muscles you’ll be using, such as leg kicks, walking lunges, or arm swings.

Cool down. After workout, it’s significant to take some time to cool down and allow heart rate to return to its previous resting rate to stop soreness and injuries.

Drink plenty of water. Human bodies perform well when it’s properly hydrated so drink sufficient water amount.

So it is always be better to do daily workout with Fitness Trainer Sohna Road Gurgaon for professional guidance and getting positive results.